Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Muslim "Tolerance"--My, aren't they gracious

See Dr Haykin's post here on the "religion of peace" and their "extreme tolerance" and offers of "forgiveness."

How insightful.

May we never forget that true religion is proven by its deeds. You want to know what Muslims believe? Read about what they're doing in the world.


Wes said...

Hello Julian,
I read through a couple of your blog entries. Interesting! Very well written! You seem to be quite a passionate person. May the Lord bless your endeavors.
I have a couple of interesting things going on in my blog. Feel free to visit and post comments (if you feel so).

- Wes

Anonymous said...

I don't think Dr Haykin have the right to be judging any society on how they carry out the laws of there country. If you knew your history. The crusaders charged east in the name of there religion killing innocent Muslims, and Jews without a reason. Interesting were they gracious?

Now Afghanistan is an unstable country. It has been for the past 70 years. Taliban never ruled by all the laws of the Quran or ways of Islam. Bin Laden was a rich man that thrived on a bunch of poor people’s anger for his own agenda. Remember it was a Christian government that put him in to fight against there communist enemy.

Now I am not here to argue about religion. However I think Dr Haykin really needs to do more research before he judges Islam. If he has not notice there are Christian tribes in Iraq. There are also many Christians living in Lebanon, Egypt, Syria, and Jordan. These are all Islamic states. You need to understand the ruling of the government first before you make judgment. Also there are over a billion Muslims in the world. Majority of them are actually not in the Middle East. Don’t let conflict in the Middle East give you an ill heart. I myself will keep an open mind about everything and also keeping an open mind about you.

Interesting information I found on belief. Should read

Information about Jesus.

This is a good read. Found it interesting.

Here is biography of a EX preacher. Pretty interesting http://thetruereligion.org/modules/xfsection/article.php?articleid=362

Hope these clear up your misconception Julian.

JLF said...


I ensure you that if you check out Dr Haykin's credentials, you will find nothing lacking.

But that being said, let me refer you here to begin with dealing with just one of the issues you raised.

Bujuh said...

Yes, but our society has taken tolerence too far in the other direction. Check out my blog http://spaces.msn.com/hypermunch/ for my response. I think you'll like it.