Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What I Already Knew

On the eve of what essentially amounts to a 'do or die' game, the Canadian Press is reporting today what the enlightened of us Canadians have known for some time. The Montréal Canadiens (aka Les Gloriuex) are Canada's Team.

So much for 'Leaf Nation.' Maybe they'll have more luck getting support on the golf course?


D.R. Brooker said...

I saw this story too and I'm not surprised. But what are the Canadian people doing? Trading in your Lada for a Chevette hardly seems worth it. I mean, it looks like the toilet-seat logo will be put down for the last time in this Philly series as their half-Price goaltending has let them down.

I must say, I do agree with the CBC panel from the other night on HNIC that called the Habs the "NHL's equivalent of a European soccer team" with all the flopping on the ice they do, like they'd been hit by sniper fire!!

We're only on the second hole, we'll wait for you to catch up. :-)

Julian Freeman said...

We're only on the second hole, we'll wait for you to catch up.

We'd come find you, but we couldn't recognize you... all your recognizable players seem to have fled your horrid town / team.

Aside from that, I'll wait to see how the game tonight turns out before commenting any more. :)

D.R. Brooker said...

How does that song go again? "Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey..." Hmm...just not sure of the tune. :-)

harry said...


Darrin isn't normally this mean-spirited, you'll have to bear with him. Please understand how deeply it wounds him to see Briere, one of the many Sabre refugees, doing so well while the current Sabre team is sulking in seedy Tonawanda, unable to get over their spectacular plummet from first to worst.