Friday, February 09, 2007

Chronological Listing of the New Testament Books

Today I thought I'd do a google search for a chart giving a chronological listing of the New Testament books, according to the date authored. Maybe I'm just a really bad googler or something, but I had a hard time finding something that was (a) easy to read, and, (b) worth looking at.

While there is much debate over the precise dating of several of the NT books, it can be quite helpful, I find, to think through the writing of the NT canonical books in their historical order. Since I couldn't find anything good online, I thought I'd put one up on our church website (you can view the chart here). I have found it quite an interesting and insightful study... hopefully it helps you grow in your understanding of the New Testament as well!

A chart of the New Testament Books in Chronological Order, according to Date Authored


Nathan said...
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Nathan said...
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Nathan said...

Julian, after considering the rap you and Paul, (it was you wasn't it?) put on at the Carey, I thought you might appreciate listening to some Christian hip-hop so I recommend John Reuben. (p.s. I spelled your name wrong twice! :( )

Anonymous said...

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Julian Freeman said...

Nathan, unfortunately it was not me that did the rap with Paul at the Carey Conference, it was another guy named Nick. His blog is here though, so you can recommend away to him. :)

Have you seen the video or the lyrics from that rap? It's pretty funny stuff...